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May - 2018
24,  Thu--T-O-D-A-Y-
July - 2018
17,  Tue-State Board Meeting -- Lakepoint State Park
18,  Wed-State Board Meeting -- Lakepoint State Park
August - 2018
1,  Wed-State Newsletter Deadline -- All information must be to the Media Coordinator by this date. All Districts should provide information.
September - 2018
1,  Sat-Pennies for Friendship -- County Treasurers send monies collected for Pennies for Friendship ACWW project to the State Treasurer.
15,  Sat-Key Member Information Due -- The information about your county Key Member (not more than 150 words) with a good quality 4x6 photo is due to the State Parliamentarian.
20,  Thu-Cultural Arts Writing Submissions Due -- The County First Place Writing winning entries are due to District III Coordinator. The entries must be recieved by this date, not put in the mail on this day.
Club Forms Available

Fillable forms for Club AHCL Contributions Reports and Event Estimates are now available. (see Forms->Clubs

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Spring Meetings

Upcoming 2018 Spring District Meetings are scheduled March 12-15. Registration forms and information will be available in the upcoming Winter Newsletter. Also see the Districts tab (above) for forms,  information and photos from 2017 meetings!

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2017 ACHL Scholarship Winner


The 2017 AHCL Scholarship has been awarded to Hannah Lea Hill from New Hope High School

Hannah Lea Hill and Debbie O'Neal 

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Mission Statement

Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders is a volunteer organization whose mission is to strengthen families and communities through educational programs, leadership development and community service. Read more about AHCL...

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