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For more information on memberships, contact the AHCL State President[2ja stri ckli n*gm ail:com].


The goal of the Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders (AHCL) is to increase membership and to retain the members current members.  A suggested way to do this is to encouraging the use of high quality programs and educational methods to meet the needs of today’s audiences.  This is an on-going challenge to Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders (AHCL) and county organizations.

State membership supports AHCL in it’s effort to strengthen individuals and families through continuing education, leadership development and community service.  It provides for state and county awards in recognition of outstanding county programs and projects, and for the expenses of running the AHCL organization.

AHCL membership is open to every resident in Alabama without regard to age, race, color, sex, handicap, economic circumstances, creed and national origin or ethnic background.  A membership card is issued to each member upon receipt of State dues.

County treasurers collect AHCL dues from the clubs in their county and forward them to the State Treasurer along with the membership forms containing names, complete mailing addresses, email address and other requested information by December 1st yearly.  Dues are accepted from anyone joining during the year. 

Benefits of MCHCL Membership

  1. Gives each member voting privileges.
  2. Includes a subscription to the NEWSLETTER, the official publication of the AHCL.
  3. Includes a contribute to Pennies for Friendship, dues to the Country Woman’s County (CWC) and Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) fund for its programs and projects.  The AHCL Treasurer will forward them along with others from the state that may desire to make additional donations.

Types of AHCL Membership

Regular Club Member - Active on local, county and state level.  Would pay any local and county dues as well as State AHCL dues.

Associate Member - Dues would include AHCL dues along with a minimal amount set by the county for county dues.  Persons paying associate member dues would be entitled to participate in all county, districts and state sponsored functions.

Member-at-Large - Same as Associate Member except contact is through the state organization as there is no local club or county AHCL affiliation.  Receives educational information by mail.

Mail Box Member - Same as Associate Member.  Receives educational information by mail.  Has little time for organization activity.

Gift Membership - Give this Associate Membership for Christmas, birthday and other occasion gifts.  Those most likely to receive these memberships would be: Mothers, sisters, daughters-in-law, working friends, spouses, etc.  Give this membership to those people you would like to interest in your AHCL club and to keep others informed of what is going on.

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