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Cultural Arts 2019

Forms for 2019 State Cultural Arts

Guidelines for State Cultural Arts Entries
1. Items must have been completed within the last year, since the last Annual State Conference.
2. Item must have been judged and won First (1st) Place on the county level.
3. Limit of one entry per county in each category/sub category.
4. Item will be judged according to the category/sub category listed on the card. If the item does not meet the definition of that category the judges will disqualify it. Once the item has been checked for judging no changes will be made to put it into a different category.
5. Check-in and Check-out must be done by one person from each county.
6. An Entry Form provided by the state, must accompany each entry with the following information it.

State Membership Number
Brief Description of item

AHCL 2018 State Cultural Arts Categories Dictionary


Painting – Watercolor – paintings made where all pigments are mixed with water rather than with oil and also to the paintings produced by this process. May be applied to paper or other flat surface.

Painting – Oils – painting where a type of paint is used that is made with natural oils such as linseed, walnut, or poppy, as the medium to bind the pigment. May be applied to canvas, board or other flat surface

Painting – Colored Pencil/Charcoal – Any painting or drawing made with colored pencils or charcoal. May be an original drawing or from a printed page. May be applied to paper or other flat surface Continue reading AHCL 2018 State Cultural Arts Categories Dictionary