AHCL Mission Statement and History

Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders is a volunteer organization whose mission is to strengthen families and communities through educational programs, leadership development and community service.

In the early twentieth century, the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service created the Home Demonstration Clubs in an effort to help educate rural women around the state learn safe canning and food preservation, well water safety, and other homemaking skills, in an effort to make family life better. From these humble beginnings the Homemakers Clubs grew.

Over the decades this organization has changed names several times and is now Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders. The focus of education has been expanded over the years and currently includes the areas of Citizenship, Health and Nutrition, Environment, Family Life and Homemaking Skills.

We take pride in our affiliation and membership with Associated Country Women of the World and Country Women of the World.

Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders is made up of members who belong to local clubs around the state. These clubs are a part of County Councils and these councils are then arranged in four Districts. All four of these Districts make up the state organization.

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