Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship

Tate Scholarship Application Form

The Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship was established by the Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders (AHCL) to honor Dr. Dorothy E. Tate in recognition of her invaluable help, guidance, and encouragement she gave while serving as our advisor 1975-1991. It was established in 1991 to aid AHCL members working toward degree or non degree personal development goals.

An applicant shall have been a member of AHCL for the last two years and be twenty-five years of age or older.
Funds for the Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship will be deposited in a separate interest – bearing account by the AHCL Treasurer. Only interest on the capital shall be dispensed for this scholarship. The capital will grow through do- nations and other monies earmarked for the Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship. The AHCL Treasurer shall disperse funds to scholarship recipients as soon as possible upon receiving the information from the scholarship commit- tee. A financial report shall be presented at AHCL Executive Board Meetings and the fund will be subject to audit upon request by the AHCL President and/or Executive Board.

All eligible AHCL members are invited to submit an application for the Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship. Application forms to be used for the selection process shall be included in the AHCL Program Notebook Inserts. Notice of the Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship shall be included in the NEWSLETTER at least once yearly. The applicant shall send the completed application form to her/his District Coordinator for consideration at the next meeting of the AHCL Executive Board. These are usually held in January, June, and October of each year.

The immediate AHCL Executive Board shall constitute the selection committee. This committee shall prepare to award the scholarship (s) of not more than $250.00 each based on funds available and apparent merit. The recipient of the Dorothy E. Tate Scholarship should give a report to AHCL upon completion of the course for which the scholarship was used. This may be an oral report given at the AHCL annual meeting or a written re-port mailed to the AHCL President. The scholarship recipient may reapply if she/he so desires.

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