ACHL Scholarship

Alabama Homemakers and Community Leaders offers a $1000 scholarship to a current student of a university in the State of Alabama or a graduating high school senior living in the State of Alabama, pursuing a degree in Family and Consumer Science or one of the areas of Human Science.

The applications will be judged on the following criteria: Character, Leadership and Service, Financial Need, and Scholastic Ability. Judges will use the following criteria to score each application.

AHCL Scholarship packet

A. Character – 20 points
B. Leadership and Service – 30 points
C. Financial Need – 30 points
D. Scholastic Ability – 20 points

A. Character – This depends on the references submitted for each applicant.
B. Leadership and Service – The references and the student’s letter will also give insight here. The judges may set up a system for tabulation of leadership and/or service, i.e. so many instances cited so many points.
C. Financial need – Factors the judges will consider are gross family income, number of children, single parents, employment of the student and family, and financial aid.
D. Scholastic Ability – The judges will consider SAT or ACT scores, GPA, class rank, etc.

  • Answer all questions to the best of your ability. Please do not leave any questions blank.
  • Please print in ink or type all responses.
  • Provide a sealed official copy of your high school and college transcript, which hows your ACT or SAT scores.
  • Provide two sealed reference letters: (1) from someone at your high school or college if a college student (teacher, counselor, etc.); and (2) from someone outside of school (non family member.)
  • Attach a resume.
  • All materials must be received by March 1 to be considered.
  • The recipient of the scholarship, along with their school, if a high school senior, will be notified by letter.

If this application form is insufficient in space or omits any explanatory details, which would contribute toward a better evaluation of your qualification or financial need, please elaborate in a personal letter or enclosed extra pages.

There are two pages of the application.

Mail to the current State Parliamentarian. Check online at or your State Newsletter for address.

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